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Integrated Casetech Consultants Pvt Ltd is managed by core team members having practical experience in the area of Cane, Sugar, Alcohol and Energy to cater technology services to the global sugar industry. The “Casetech” combines industry specific managerial experience and consulting competence with extensive process technology, practice and know-how of sugar and allied byproduct industry. Consequently, Casetech is able to deliver feasible solutions on any of the assignment of sugar industry starting from concept to commissioning.

The key strengths of the company are sugar mill and sugar refinery operation, maintenance, performance improvement, process technology for refinery, Energy optimization and reduction by energy integration principles, electrical energy conservation, distillery operation & environmental management, sugarcane plantation development and management, project engineering & project management services and customized capacity building and training programs.

We have developed in-house technology for the raw sugar refining based on which two sugar refineries are operating and two are in commissioning stage.



Activities undertaken in cane management system:

  • Cane Management System
  • Sugarcane Farm Development
  • Technical Training in Sugarcane Agriculture
  • Mechanization of Sugarcane Farming
  • Improved Ratoon Crop Management
  • Inter Cropping of Oilseeds, Vegetables etc. with Cane Crop
  • Pest and Diseases Management
  • Implementing Best & Suitable Irrigation Practices


  • Project Implementation for Green Field Distillery
  • Basic Engineering for Grain based Distillery
  • Environmental Solution for Distillery Spent Wash
  • Bio-gas Power Generation and Bio CNG from distillery bio-methanation plant
  • Feasibility of Cane Juice/ Intermediate Molasses Diversion for Alcohol Production Feedstock design with sugarcane based material like B molasses, Diversion of juice and its impact on sugar recovery


  • Balancing, Modernization, Rehabilitation and Expansion of Existing Sugar Factories
  • Process Automation in Sugar Plant
  • Equipment Designs such as Modern Integral Falling Film Evaporators, Direct Contact Heaters, Ion Exchange Decolonization System, Melt Phospho-floatation system
  • Reducing Steam Consumption Less than 36% on Cane to Refined Sugar
  • Raw Sugar Refinery Design with various process options - Tailor Made Design for Client

Energy Conservation

  • Energy Audit of Plant
  • Project Planning , Execution and Commissioning Services
  • Power Plant Electrical System & Grid Synchronization
  • Steam Generators with Auxiliaries
  • Turbo-Generators and Auxiliaries along with Evacuation System
  • Power Plant Automation
  • Fuel and Ash Handling System
  • Selection & Sizing of Equipments
  • Thermodynamic Heat Cycle Design for Bio-mass Cogeneration
  • Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Services

Operation & maintenance Services

We provide complete operation & Maintenance services for sugar factories and distilleries, Bio Mass power plants and sugar refineries.

The benefits are that there is no permanent burden of manpower at the client’s end, at the same time world class technical team is available to maximize the efficiency and output of the sugar factory.

We have technically qualified and well experienced professional across all levels to operate and manage the factories.

Sugar Refinery

  • Concept to commissioning of standalone refinery
  • Designing refinery for steam consumption of < 1.0 MT/ton and process water consumption < 0.5 m3/ton of raw sugar
  • Designing refinery to achieve > 97% recovery on raw sugar
  • Balancing, Modernization, Rehabilitation and expansion of existing refineries

We have commissioned Three (03) sugar refineries including one standalone refinery at 1000 TPD.