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  1. Integrated Crop Management
  2. Improvement in ratoon management.
  3. Modification in the agronomic practices.
  4. Change in sugarcane planting techniques.
  5. Mechanisation of sugarcane cultivation.
  6. Technical Training of sugarcane agriculture.
  7. Greenfield sugarcane development projects.
  8. Setting up of quality laboratories for soil, tissue culture and bio-control.
  9. Inter cropping of oilseed, wheat, potato, vegetables etc with cane crop.
  10. Computerisation of sugarcane purchase and development activities etc.


  1. Setting up and commissioning of green field plants and expansion.
  2. Environmental treatment system selection
  3. Engineering for grain based alcohol
  4. Capacity selection based on raw material and environmental issues
  5. Bio-Gas power generation and Bio CNG from distillery bio-methanation plant
  6. Feasibility study for sugar projects with sugar diversion for alcohol production
  7. Feedstock design with sugarcane based material like B molasses,
  8. Studies on Diversion of Juice and its impact on sugar recovery


  1. Energy optimization for achieving lowest energy consumption for Raw, white and Refined sugars production
  2. Process Heat circuit designs
  3. Equipment design for modern integral Falling film evaporators.
  4. Balancing, Modernization, Rehabilitation, and expansion of existing sugar factories
  5. Raw Back end refinery design to achieve steam% cane at 36% with modernization of the plant at minimum cost
  6. Condensate heat recovery and 98% condensate return for boiler feed water
  7. Design of fully automated tailor made Ion exchange decolorisation station.
  8. VHP sugar production with least modification in process at reduced capital cost
  9. Factory management services operation, maintenance and performance monitoring.


  1. Synchronization with utility Grid
  2. Power plant automation
  3. Cooling water system sizing
  4. Water treatment plant selection
  5. Complete plant electrical system design
  6. Specification of steam generators and BOP
  7. Thermodynamic heat cycle design for bio-mass cogeneration.
  8. Selection and sizing of equipment and specification
  9. Project planning, execution commissioning services
  10. Electrical system engineering for power evacuation